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Oct-24-12, 09:11 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: Oh hey, look what I found."
In response to message #0
   > But Undocumented Features became a way to have fun and unwind, kill
> people, find a woman and beat the ratio, and make myself larger than life.

I dunno, Zoner, but having met you once lo these eleven years or more ago at a NYC anime con, I think that unless UF slopped out of its own verse onto you, you are (and probably were) already larger than life.

I have a vague memory of coming across both UF and Hopelessly Lost in the early 90s and sortakinda liking them -- but not enough to go looking for more. It wasn't until, geeze, I think it was Gods Willing II that I really settled in with EPU product and decided, hey, I like the cut of these guys' jibs.

And in the nearly 20 years since, I haven't found reason to change my mind.

-- Bob
My race is pacifist and does not believe in war. We kill only out of personal spite.

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