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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #23
Reading Topic #23, reply 17
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Mar-01-15, 05:47 PM (EDT)
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17. "RE: OWaW 07: a fragment"
In response to message #11
   >>I've been reading quite a bit of Strike Witches fiction lately (okay,
>>mostly Strike Witches Quest and its derivatives - that's pretty much
>>the only other really good Strike Witches fiction). But this... wow.
>Then we did them justice. :) Thank you both!

Indeed you have, IMO. While the torch Mio carries for Minna isn't as clear at first, by even 6 episodes into season 1 its pretty clear that Perrrine is carrying a major torch for Mio. That's why she's so standoffish to Yoshika at first, she feels the new kid is a threat at least to Mio attention, if not her affections.

gotta admit that I got the biggest giggle out of the banter between Gryph, Ursula and Erica. Just the perfect touch to lighten the mood before we dive into resolving the whole Mina / Mio /Perrine triangle; and the links to the music in question really helped, since one could just click instead of having to open a new tab and search and hope that there was a copy in public domain, etc...

And between you, me and the wall? I dont think that even with the controller(s) right there in the DO 17 they could have Maneuvered those troops without crashing the poor schlubs into each other. a single person, certainly. A 'squad' of 10? without some pretty fancy computing power in each of the 162's themselves, there isn't any way the individual 162's could accurately keep station on each other. Someone was going to wind up krispy krittered, either by accidently flying into the fake neuroi fireball or into the danger zone of a wingman's pack or lord knows what else. The fact that the troops were to eject the packs and chute to the recovery area showed there was no way to LAND even a single pilot safely, let alone a squad of 10 that at best would be fixed in a single formation...

And your right in one other regard. Regardless of which definition of fisting one uses, ALL the brass in charge of Salamander and Grass Snake need a good one, not just Otto Skorzny

Of COURSE you wernt expecting it!
RCW# 86

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