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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #23
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18. "RE: OWaW 07: a fragment"
In response to message #16
   >When it comes to Neuroi tech, it seems the only sane option is to burn
>it down and have a priest bless the ground, just to be safe.
>Experimenting with it, or even just leaving it in a locked storeroom,
>seems to lead to Bad Things.

Well, to be fair, the last two attempts at using Neuroi tech failed in part because they used a full core. Maloney didn't seem to understand the danger, while the Fuso Navy thought they did and could keep it under control. Reichenberg seems to have learned from their mistakes by avoiding the use of a full core, but didn't seem to anticipate that a partial one would still present problems.

The next step would likely be to try to reproduce the emissions of the partial core artificially, preferably far away from inhabited areas and with witches on standby. Just figuring out a signal that could draw a Neuroi to a particular area could prove a boon, allowing planners to draw them into an ambush or break up formations through conflicting signals. Even better, if the signal itself is what identifies Neuroi to each other, having witches who could transmit that signal would allow them to sneak up on the enemy or to confuse them in a dogfight.

Whether he intended to or not, Reichenberg may have just laid the groundwork for Electronic Countermeasures in the fight against the Neuroi.

CdrMike, Overwatch Reject

"You know, the world could always use more heroes." - Tracer, Overwatch

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