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Jul-24-17, 11:08 AM (EDT)
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3. "RE: speaking of new member cuso4"
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"… destined to be remembered as one of the truly worthwhile and significant moments of modern British art… — Jonathan Jones, The Guardian"

CLEARLY, Mr. Jones and most likely The Guardian as a whole, have a significantly different idea of what constitutes "worthwhile and significant" in in general, and in the world of art in particular, than mine. Interesting and cool, yeah. Worthwhile and significant, not in any way, shape or form.

Gainsborough, Turner, Constable, Hockney...there's worthwhile and significant when it comes to British art, modern or classical. This? Is a cool experiment that produced interesting things to look at. That's not BAD, mind you, cool and interesting is needed...but it doesn't constitute anything that is significant or, from an artistic point of view, worthwhile.

Stoke Mandeville, Esq & The Victorian Ballsmiths
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