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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #26
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22. "RE: OWaW 04"
In response to message #21
   >Hm. I knew there was a difference in relative dates between the UF
>universe and SI; I did -not- realize there was a difference in -rates-
>of time, too.

Yup. It's only come up a couple of times - once in Manhunt, when he finds out when it is when he gets back, and right at the beginning of Star-Crossed: Correspondence. It's possible that it isn't differing time rates so much as his cross-time travel was diagonal, as it were - impossible to know for certain without more detailed investigations than he's carried out. Either way, as he put it in an email to Tali in 2380, "[I] ended up in a parallel dimension, which is where I've spent the last 24 years your time, nearly 40 for me."

>...Is there a whole story I missed? Or is this entire paragraph (minus
>the portions alluded to in OWaW4) a reference to a story in canon but
>not written in real life?

Bit of both. Most of it is referring to G's original stint with the 501st, which is referenced in New Tricks and several times in OWaW so far, but hasn't actually been written. However, see below:

>Because I recognize Adolfine only from the
>bio profiles, Wilma from only this and I believe one other story (and
>I think she's a canon character?) and 'One-Winged Witches' not at all.

General Galland is mentioned a couple of times in the Strike Witches TV series, but never actually appears. She does appear in the prequel manga (Strike Witches Zero in Japan, Strike Witches: 1937 Fusō Sea Incident in the US), which is the appearance that's being alluded to when Hannelore says she has a message for Mio from Galland in OWaW 04 (Galland taught Mio how to use her witch eye in SW Zero).

As for One-Winged Witches, that's the manga series Wilma stars in. Set at around the same time as Strike Witches 1, it depicts Wilma (who is several years older than Lynne) winding up her career, serving in a rather less prestigious outfit stationed over on the Isle of Wight. As the title suggests, unlike the 501st, the Isle of Wight Detachment is kind of the Allied forces' Island of Misfit Toys - the witches assigned to it are all damaged goods or rejects of some description. (The series' tagline is "Not All Witches Are Aces".) Only half of it is out in English so far (the second volume comes out next month).

The joke about Wilma above comes from her appearance in 1WW, where it is established early on that she has an unusual sleep disorder. She calls it "a bad case of sleep-hugging," and appears sincerely to believe that that's all it amounts to; but it's fairly evident that she is in fact a sleep-groper, if not a full-on sexsomniac (somewhat to her roommate's dismay, particularly as they'd only just met).

Hence, I suspect, at least 30% of G's remark to Lynne that Wilma's "not the kind of person you forget easily." (The other 70% being just because she's a freaking force of nature. Unlike Lynne, who's a bit reserved and timid, Wilma... well, one wouldn't say suffers from, no indeed, but experiences a certain excess of bonhomie. :)

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