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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #26
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27. "RE: OWaW 04"
In response to message #25
   >Y'know, it occurs to me to wonder if Gryphon and company could cadge a
>jet-model Striker unit into a back-mounted configuration?

You mean with magic-powered ætherjets rather than conventional propulsion? It's a possibility.

>it would take some doing - particularly since the Miyafuji engine
>seems to require significant skin to surface contact - but it
>shouldn't be that hard, should it?

This is not necessarily the case; a couple of the 501st's witches customarily wear tights under their Strikers, and one canonical witch, Adolfine Galland, even wears actual trousers (they're skintight jeans that look to be made of leather, admittedly - Molly Millions pants - but they are pants). I think the limiting factor there is that they have to be able to fit very snugly, so you can't be wearing anything loose under them, and most witches just don't bother wearing anything at all on their legs to make it simpler.

>(This is of course assuming that Gryph's particular brand of mojo
>could even make the engine work, which... considering Mio's
>retraining, seems to be at least on the near side of possible.)

It actually will - I had plans for a second '43 flashback in New Tricks in which it transpired that he could get a Striker to turn over by putting his hand on it and concentrating, which would've gone into the scene where he and Mio were repairing her Shiden-kai, but it didn't flow very well and I ultimately left it out. He can energize a Miyafuji engine with the Force and get a machine connected to it to do things, though he's obviously never actually tried to operate an entire Striker Unit, because, as he put it, "They don't make them in my size and nobody wants to see that anyway." :)

So yeah, the possibility is there in principle. It would have advantages and drawbacks, like any powerplant technology decision. Principally, if he had a Miyafuji-engined ætherjetpack instead of a conventional one, he would no longer be dependent on externally sourced fuel, but he'd also run all the accompanying risks of powering something with a Miyafuji engine, and as Trude Barkhorn could tell you, those little ætherjet engines can bite you if you're not careful. Or even if you are...

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