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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #26
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Terminus Est
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Feb-13-15, 02:33 AM (EDT)
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28. "RE: OWaW 04"
In response to message #27
   LAST EDITED ON Feb-13-15 AT 12:56 PM (EST)
>>Y'know, it occurs to me to wonder if Gryphon and company could cadge a
>>jet-model Striker unit into a back-mounted configuration?
>You mean with magic-powered ætherjets rather than conventional
>propulsion? It's a possibility.

That's the idea, yes.

>>Obviously it would take some doing...
>This is not necessarily the case...

Ah. I stand corrected. In my defense, I've only seen about the first eight episodes of season 1, so I've yet to knowingly see an aetherjet in action.

>>(This is of course assuming that Gryph's particular brand of mojo
>>could even make the engine work...
>It actually will... "They don't make them in my size and nobody wants to see that anyway." :)

Hence the backpack config, though I'm sure some of the 501st wouldn't mind seeing him try things the normal way.

>So yeah, the possibility is there in principle. It would have
>advantages and drawbacks, like any powerplant technology decision.
>Principally, if he had a Miyafuji-engined ætherjetpack instead
>of a conventional one, he would no longer be dependent on externally
>sourced fuel, but he'd also run all the accompanying risks of powering
>something with a Miyafuji engine, and as Trude Barkhorn could tell
>you, those little ætherjet engines can bite you if you're not
>careful. Or even if you are...

Well, to be fair, that's true of any engine that emits a cone of flame, whether real or aetheric. Again I point to my lack of complete canon awareness (a problem I will be rectifying this weekend), but it seems to me the aetherjets would be at least somewhat safer than, y'know... actual fire-based thrusters. Probably more maneuverable, too, and as you said before, the fuel problem goes away (and presumably his Detianism would counteract the burnout effect).

Anyway, this is all basically just random musing on my part. I love what you guys are doing with this, and as usual the 'Gimme MORE' is heavily implied. :)

EDIT: It now occurs to me that it wouldn't be too off the wall to incorporate jet boots into the system to really up his maneuverability. Not something that can give him enough thrust to remain in the air obviously (otherwise you're looking at a full conventional Striker unit, and avoiding that is... kind of the point of using the backpack to start with). Of course there are other options for extra fine control - Gryph could probably cadge something from that ruined armor suit, for example - that wouldn't be so clunky (or cliche), but... well, jet boots. :)

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