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1. "RE: NF Characters"
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   No, not that Nova.

This Nova. From second season of MKR. Who's better part of the plot, in my opinion.

She was designed by same person who created Iczer.
And she's a study of what happen, when, in the land of will, someone is sad and hates herself so much that a number of emotions was thrown out, given desire to merge back, embodied, left to wander magical apocalypse in the progress and then adopted by embodiment of despair of entire realm.
Tragic, impressive, bipolar, looking for happiness... I can rant and rant.

And what's why I am sad. In good hands, she could be great character to help drive a story. But instead, second season of MKR doesn't happen with all it's bad and slow and generally unpleasant bits, and that took good bits, too. EPU incorporated some elements, but only some.

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