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Peter Eng
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Mar-23-16, 03:29 AM (EDT)
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16. "RE: Exodus 5 annotations"
In response to message #15
>I have to say, I find this one a little hard to believe. After all,
>One of the major points of Lara's falling out with her father was a
>lack of common points of reference after her near-death experience.
>Given MIB's various activities, I think Zed would be at least familiar
>with that sort of thing happening to the people who reported to him,
>if not actually having experienced it himself.

I think you're misunderstanding the problem here. It wasn't the near-death experience, it was realizing that being a society flower was a pointless undertaking, and that there were more important things that could be done. He'd wanted Lara to be safe, so he'd raised her to be somebody who would never see the shadows in their world, never mind going exploring in them.

After the plane crash, she realized she had more potential than she'd used, and she couldn't see not using it. If one were to rate danger in life on a scale of 1 to 5, she'd been living as a 1. The average MIB recruit is probably ex-military, or police, so something like a 3 or 4. Lara jumped to a 4 or 5.

If Zed was familiar with such changes, he probably wasn't used to such severe changes. Add in what I call "family blindness," the inability to recognize that relatives grow and change in ways that people don't expect, and it's hardly surprising that Sir Henshingly Croft fumbled this one.

Peter Eng
My brother never realized that I wasn't his little brother any more.

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