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Conferences Warriors of the Outer Rim Topic #29
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Mar-07-09, 01:46 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Foreshadowing?"
In response to message #0
   >I re-read WotR and Fulcrum this week, and something popped out at me,
>namely the scene between Kahm Santova and Vader.
>I'm pretty sure that it was mentioned somewhere that Kahm Santova is
>still alive, although I could be wrong -- I haven't been able to find
>it. Are we going to get to see a reunion?
>That could be... most interesting.

I've been waiting for this reunion for a long time, too, and I seem to recall Rianna mentioning her mother's alive in the first fic she appears in. I forget the name, but it was in GA or Exile. She may have referred to her mother in the present tense in a later fic, too.

Vague, I know. =)

"They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say, 'nice try'." --Lezard

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