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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #3
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Jul-21-15, 02:26 AM (EDT)
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"OWAW #17"
   Coming tomorrow. Uh, later today. Tuesday.

Very small teaser!

For a moment they simply stood there, the Orussian wondering exactly what was going on, the Polonian looking oddly hesitant, until Wojtek made a low grumbling sound and nudged the back of Witolda's shoulder with his snout. When that didn't elicit any response, he grumbled louder, lowered his head, and rammed it squarely into the middle of her back.

"Ah!" Urbanowicz cried, skipping forward a pace. Thus prompted, she gave her partner a scathing look back over her shoulder and declared, "Yes, yes, I am doing!"

Turning back to Sanya, she took a deep breath, then straightened up to something close to a parade ground stance. "I am coming to do an apologize. You saved us big problem, over Freiburg, and I had... not been good company before that. You had every right to let me eat mistake, but gave help, instead. And I - we - have much thankful."

Sanya turned that over, her face still set in a guarded mask, then nodded before turning to go, walking to her launch stage and powering up her Striker's Miyafuji engine without further comment.

Stepping back to clear the way for her to depart, Witolda waited to see if the Orussian would actually say anything, but Sanya remained silent, simply taking her Fliegerhammer from its rack and taxiing for the runway. She didn't look behind her once before she lifted off into the early evening skies.

The Polonian witch and her familar watched her depart, not turning to look at each other until the Night Witch had receded to a dark speck that blended into the darkening sky. Wojtek's response was to drop to all fours, draw a deep breath through his nose, and then let it out in a loud snuffling WHUFF.

"I tried. Is not good enough, yes. But I tried." Biting her lip and looking away, Witolda refused to make eye contact with her familiar. "Is needing a new plan - I will do this. I promise. I will be doing better for next one."

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