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6. "RE: Darth Vader Questions"
In response to message #1
   >As for Kahm herself, I believe she's still around someplace,
>but Lord Vader is probably not yet aware of this. Chances are if they
>did run across each other, they'd either fight to the death or end up
>becoming the Oberon and Faella of a galaxy-striding dynasty the likes
>of which has never been seen before. Neither is probably advisable in
>the long term, so perhaps it's best if we keep them apart. :)

Honestly, I'm see them greeting each other in a cool and cordial manner like the much-parodied Wrex-Shepherd greetings, followed by some witty, dry dialogue about their respective students, Rianna and Ayanami.

And that would be about that. Oh, and maybe some off-screen meeting that's only hinted at... and, hey! Who's this young up-and-coming Sith Lord? (No, not that they're really 'together', but I'd imagine it'd be something similar to Skuld and Gryphon's relationship.)

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