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Subject: "(S5M4) Familiar Spirits - Comments II"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Symphony of the Sword/The Order of the Rose Topic #437
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2. "RE: (S5M4) Familiar Spirits - Comments II"
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   Ok, here I go sticking my nose in again...

I'm another who took the whole Corwin-Korra scene as unintended. At least it really twanged my squick-o-meter. Might have been because Corwin used one of the classic (as in old-time) lines when he asked Korra to let her hair down. I did do an internal eye-roll - setting up a harem Corwin? Like father, like son, open marriage with many friends with benefits and all?

I'm not real clear if Korra knows why she's acting hand's off with Corwin either (or realizes what she's doing). Utena and Anthy will make Korra know it's ok to get touchy-feelie again, but I gotta wonder if they'd put a stop to anything beyond that.

In the original thread I wrote "A nice piece, with many character developing vignettes, along with actually seeing some things hinted at or promised earlier (such as ice dodging). All in all, it gave me the feel of setting things up for a big payoff in the next part". But I also agree with what others have noted - it's slow, as have been the last few. I don't mind that much. As I wrote, I've had the feeling something big is being set up.

But please don't go all HGTV and give us micro-detail of building a house. How much longer will Nall visit or be visited to let the reader know he's still angsting? Let stuff like that go on in the background - unless it's actively advancing the plot, it just brings what forward movement the plot may have to a screeching halt.

At this point, I'm not even sure what the overall story arc is for this part of S5. Lots of little things are going on - the honeymoon and subsequent Tour of Diqiu, with child; the drug cartel; Anne learning to fire bend, after a fashion; building a vacation home; new friends for the Avatar; pizza on Diqiu. Will Anthy end up an air bender (after a fashion)? Korra's got a new team, but what's she going to do with them besides hang out? Where's a serious Big Bad for them all to go against? (surely not Azula) Nothing going on that obviously links, and nothing going on that's enough to sustain a series by itself. The only thing that seems semi-ominous to me is the reveal of back doors between Valhalla and the Spirit World. Is that foreshadowing something serious? (Nordic pantheon baddies invade Diqiu?) Lots of little observations and questions, which I don't expect to be answered here.


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