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Conferences Symphony of the Sword/The Order of the Rose Topic #437
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Jun-15-14, 11:20 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: (S5M4) Familiar Spirits - Comments II"
In response to message #2
   >I'm another who took the whole Corwin-Korra scene as unintended. At
>least it really twanged my squick-o-meter.

I gotta admit I don't quite understand this reaction. Even if it was what you guys thought it was, I could see thinking one or the other or both of them was being a bit of a cad and a bounder, depending on the circumstances, but not getting all oogy about it. The guy's a grown man and - kind of significant in this context - a Norse god. To paraphrase L.P. Hartley, Asgard is a foreign country: they do things differently there.

>Might have been because
>Corwin used one of the classic (as in old-time) lines when he asked
>Korra to let her hair down. I did do an internal eye-roll - setting up
>a harem Corwin?

Well, no, he really did just want to see what she looked like with her ponytail down. With Corwin it often actually is just as simple as that. (SEE ALSO back during his brief residency in Cephiro, when he took Kozue for a late-night test drive in the 'Vette in order to... test his repairs to the 'Vette.)

He liked the result, yes, and he wasn't shy about saying so, but he likes the Western Electric Model 500 telephone, too, that doesn't mean he's planning to leave Utena for one. (Now that you could feel free to find oogy.)

>I'm not real clear if Korra knows why she's acting hand's off with
>Corwin either (or realizes what she's doing).

Hmm, I thought I'd made it fairly plain in that sequence that she didn't consciously realize what she was doing or why.

>Utena and Anthy will
>make Korra know it's ok to get touchy-feelie again, but I gotta wonder
>if they'd put a stop to anything beyond that.

As ever, it would depend on the context. (The eventuality is presumably in the "to be burnt if and when we get to them" sub-folder of Anthy's extensive "bridges" file.)

>But please don't go all HGTV and give us micro-detail of building a

I'm not sure how I'd even go about that, although it's worth pointing out that there is the corresponding risk of someone complaining that the house construction was glossed over and/or told-not-shown. (cf. when I skipped most of the workaday school stuff in A Fire to be Lighted and people were all, "eww, montages." :)

>At this point, I'm not even sure what the overall story arc is for
>this part of S5.

At this point I think I can only answer this with a snippet of a favorite scene from Doctor Who.

Watch out for the disinfectant!

The what?

The disinfectant!


(louder still)
THE DISoh you'll find out.


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