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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #447
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Aug-09-14, 11:01 PM (EDT)
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20. "RE: A Less Minor Reorg"
In response to message #19
   >Correction: While recording the audio for Ash Knight, I
>decided to tack the Mini-Story Matalde the Red (written four
>years after the fact, but set immediately afterward and pertaining to
>one of its key events) onto the movement as a post-credits sequence.
>Neither the movement nor the Mini have been significantly edited, I
>just spliced them together, and both text and audio now reflect this.

There's a code error in Ash Knight. I think it's at the splice point where the mini went in - a "<" sign is missing I think. Here's the code around that point to help you search it:

<p>After a moment, Shuten straightened and took his hand away from his side, and his eyes burned with an inner fire all their own.</p>

<p>div class="timestamp"><p>Friday, February 19, 2410<br>

<p>Corwin and Anne were eating breakfast and trying to figure out which of Asgard's sights to hit that day when there came a knock at the door.</p>


Jeanne Hedge
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