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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #465
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Oct-25-14, 08:35 PM (EDT)
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13. "RE: TFLF ch 4"
In response to message #8
   >My grandmother had an old organ in her house, I had an older one in
>I... wish I knew what they were, now.


When I was little we used to visit my mother's grandmother in Connecticut sometimes. She had a console organ in her house - I think it was a Hammond, as I remember it making a mysterious mechanical rumbling sound when switched on but not being played, which I now know was the tonewheels turning. My great-grandparents are long gone now, of course, and I've no idea what became of the organ; my great-grandmother sold that house ages ago, after her husband died, and moved to Arizona for the last few years of her own life. I doubt she took it with her, as it was enormous and heavy. I'd like to think that whoever lives in that house now is still enjoying it, though the odds are against that.

On a related note, today I visited my own grandparents in the assisted living complex they recently moved into, and this was standing in the hall by the elevator:

It's a Wurlitzer Funmaker Special, and, sadly, it did not appear to work, but man alive, on some level I really, really want it. You've got to love those '70s console organs. So many beautiful switches.

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