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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #493
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35. "RE: Lightwalker"
In response to message #34
   >now Ana, as a Svartelf (sorry, I still think of her mostly as her
>'subtype' of 'Drow')

In the Upper Realms, the two terms are largely synonymous, though the latter is considered pejorative by most people who use it and insulting by the svartelves themselves (as when Peri Took used it in a Shire-casually racialist way in Out of the Blue, an attitude she adopted instinctively but then, to her credit, almost immediately dropped). Compare, well, any number of offensive ethnic/national nicknames - dago, wop, that kind of thing.

If a svartelf really wants to stand on ceremony, he or she will insist upon svartálfr, or even the thoroughly archaic dökkálfr ("dark elf").

>as a fellow soldier/servitor/follower of Baldur

The technical term is "cleric". Or "priestess" if you wanna be a little less AD&D about it. :)

I haven't had a window to show it yet? But that's what she was executed for. Remember when Balder and Frey passed through Svartalfheim on the way to investigate what the hell was going on in Ash Knight? Ana was... shall we say insufficiently revolted by the intrusion? There's a lot of thoughtcrime policing in Svartalfheim.

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