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Conferences The New Frontier Topic #6
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Apr-10-09, 08:25 PM (EST)
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13. "RE: Wild Speculations"
In response to message #11
   >Earthforce shovelling out both Battleplates from Schlock Mercenary and
>an extremely pared-down, bodged-together, 285th-hand Culture G.O.U.
>whose Mind has gone... a bit odd. Even by Culture standards...

Yeah, but if Earthforce brought battleplates to the party, the Good Guys would simply have to phone up Emperor Colin the First, Dahak, and their happy little fleet of assault planetoids. :)

Then again, with all due respect to David Weber's Fifth Empire, E.E. Smith ultimately wins any war of escalation. When you do things like crush your enemy's homeworld between two planet-sized "nutcrackers" with opposing velocity, or channel the Sun's entire output into a directed-energy weapon, you are, as the old commercial said, playing with power. And that's not even the biggest firepower that gets deployed in the Lensman books, let alone Dick Seaton's solution to a bit of ethnic strife in Skylark of Valeron... :)

Rob Madson, a.k.a. Zox
It is said a Shaolin chef can wok through walls...

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