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Apr-11-09, 03:35 AM (EST)
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22. "RE: Wild Speculations"
In response to message #19
   >(As for Weber, well... I've read enough
>Forester and O'Brian, I don't really need to read 'em again with zap
>guns. :)

Oh, that'd be Honor Harrington. The Dahak books are (a) a separate series, (b) a much shorter series, and (c) rather more Doc Smith than Forester. Especially the titanic space battles toward the end of the second book, featuring an alien armada of millions of conventional warships versus our heroes' fleet of several hundred planet-size ships. It's horrible. It's madness. IT'S WAR!

...Come to think of it, Colin isn't unlike UF-Gryphon in some ways: a relatively ordinary guy suddenly dropped into a position of incredible military power and importance.

Anyway, I strongly recommend... well... actually everything Weber has written EXCEPT the Harrington books. Those only get a weak recommendation from me. Heresy, I know. :)

--The Evil Midnight Lurker what Lurks at Midnight
"An object at rest--CANNOT BE STOPPED!!!"

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