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Apr-15-09, 02:47 AM (EST)
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28. "RE: Wild Speculations"
In response to message #27
   *chimes in with his own 0.02 cents*

I'll third the motion about the non-Harrington stories. Harrington itself is getting to be very. long. drawn. out. calculus. missile-spam. Much of the fun of the older books that had rather fun battles of maneuver is lost now that the battles are pretty much everyone lines up light-minutes apart and just does a glorified war of missile attrition.

Dahakverse on the other hand has almost -none- of the hard fact numbers that are present in the Harringtonverse. Instead its just giant moon sized warships against overwhelming odds (in the 2nd book) and stuff gets blown up epically. 1st & 3rd books are more a ground-pounders paradise as in the novel version of Heinlein's Mobile Infantry would all but fall over themselves to get their hands on some of the 5thImp's toys. And again, its mostly stuff blowing up in epic ways that doesn't require a 4 year college math degree to take in stride. Its kind of like Perry Rhodan-lite as a German friend of mine described the Dahakverse.

BTW - would David Drake's powersuits as seen in his Northworld trilogy be any good in the UF? The ones with the 'cut/shoot' energy cannons between thumb & forefinger. Compared to some of the stuff out there, the suits would almost be considered 'quaint', while in others (being able to use a particle-ish beam much like a bandsaw - think Sol Bianca) it'd be potentially quite nasty.

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