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Conferences The Legacy of Korra Topic #68
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Jul-25-14, 02:08 AM (EDT)
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5. "RE: I know what you guys need!"
In response to message #4
   LAST EDITED ON Jul-25-14 AT 02:10 AM (EDT)
>>Word count: 80,058
>Yow! That came together fast. It's been, what, 3 weeks? (first post on
>the forum seems to be July 6th, dunno how long it was cooking before

Oh, we were some way along before we felt confident enough to start promoting. Still, it has been coming together pretty quickly in the last month-plus; we've been mostly head-down on CTCS since An Avatar in New Avalon dropped - which is why you haven't seen S5DS05 or The Great Ziggurat Zeppelin Raid, and probably won't for a while longer, despite the fact that both are also fairly well along.

If I had to guess, and I do, that guess would be that one or both of those will still come out before CTCS, simply because there's so much less (for which read: essentially no) post-production to be done on either one, whereas CTCS is going to require a ton (plus the art may not all be finished before the text is). That is, however, only 2 AM speculation under the influence of my MS medication's Flu-Like Side Effects, so don't hold me to it too rigidly.

>>** Note that this is a Microsoft Word 97-2003 .doc file, so a lot of
>>that - I estimate about 1/3 - is word processor overhead, not the
>>actual content.
>Only 1/3? Granted, this might be the conversion factor, but just I
>watched a 135kb .odt file turn into a 1.8mb .doc file.

How much overhead Word adds depends a lot on how much formatting there is, but the inflation factor involved with the CTCS draft is nowhere near that big. The last time I explicitly checked it, I saved to plain text at around 500K .doc size and ended up with a 300K .txt file, so it was around 40% at the time. It would really balloon if I were embedding the illustrations in the draft file, but we're going to do that in post, so the file size is still a reasonable thumbnail representation.

I'm more used to dealing in file sizes than word counts - all those years working exclusively in plain text, with text editors that don't volunteer the latter information unprovoked - but I'm given to understand that the lower bound for consideration as a "novel" in e.g. the Hugo awards* is 40,000 words, so CTCS is a respectable length, and there's still a considerable way to go. When complete, it'll almost certainly be the longest single document in EPU history (unseating Neon Exodus Evangelion: Apotheosis Now).

I wouldn't normally big that up ahead of time - it's not my habit to give progress reports - but this is such an unusual project in so many other respects, I figured what the hell. Might as well talk about the process a little.

* Not that I am claiming eligibility for the Hugo in any but a purely quantitative way. :)
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