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Apr-26-17, 02:13 PM (EDT)
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2. "RE: GotW 40: M1903A3 Springfield"
In response to message #1
   >A rather minor, but still, point: In the late 1800s, there WAS no
>Norway, as such. The cracks were starting to be VERY notable, but at
>that time, Norway was under at least supposed Swedish control, run,
>nominally, from Stockholm. It wouldn't last very much longer, though.

Oh. Right. I think I knew that once, but had forgotten...

>And the Norwegian Krag was chambered for the Swedish 6.5x55, rather
>than US-used .30-40 Krag, which might've been a reason for the rifle
>coming into service later IN Norway.

I dunno, the Danes also used a different cartridge (8x58R), and theirs went into service three years before the American one.

>Oh, and vis-a-vis that last? You're absolutely right. Can't think of
>any better way. Well, which doesn't involve whipped cream and Charlize
>Theron, or some similar, but that's rather less likely to happen, I
>would venture...

Certainly not as a cooperative project with my dad. Yikes.

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