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Aug-17-14, 04:09 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: song of the day, 2014.08.16"
In response to message #4
   >Hm. I wonder who the Dìqiú equivalent of Mona Lisa is?

Avatar Yangchen would probably like to believe it's her. She's also probably wrong. :)

>"No, that doesn't fit the scansion...damn. We'll have to break the
>"Not like 'kiss ya' and 'Lisa' wasn't stretching for a rhyme to begin

Heh. Muñequita isn't the best rhyme there either, and is another word that a local audience in Dìqiú would probably have a bit of trouble with, but hey.

Besides, do bear in mind that Kate is a student of the Lehrer ryū of samurai rhymes.

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