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Sep-10-14, 09:21 AM (EDT)
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9. "RE: Process Pitfalls"
In response to message #7
   >>One of my eternal regrets is that I never got logs for what
>>happened right after that. :)
>"You never studied, Fergus."
>Asami doesn't mind if she doesn't make the scene
>She's got a daytime job, she's doin' all right
>She can play the honky tonk like anything
>But she's savin' it up for Friday night


Let's face it. Some people simply aren't cool enough to get the Dire Straits.

Ebony the Black Dragon

(I am just an aging drummer boy, and in the wars I used to play. And I've called a tune to many a tortured session.)

"Life is like an anole. Sometimes it's green. Sometimes it's brown. But it's always a small Caribbean lizard."

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