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7. "(DS05) More of Wakaba's Greatest Hits"
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Utena and Wakaba came in from the hallway, looking slightly tired but pleased from their day's exertions; each was carrying a half-dozen shopping bags from various emporia around Republic City and sporting stylish new accessories.

"Well, look at you two," said Korra, grinning. "Looks like the day's expedition was a success."

"Thanks to me!" Wakaba replied, striking a triumphant pose. "I love shopping with Utena. She makes me feel all expert-level girly."

"Hey!" Utena objected. "I've learned a few of your tricks over the years. I even know what colors not to wear together."

"Yeah, but you still have the style sense of a high schooler. A boy high schooler," Wakaba said.

"Did I, or did I not, pick out this scarf myself?" Utena demanded, indicating the item she wore tied jauntily around her neck.

"Did I, or did I not, have to tell you three times to pick a color other than black, and then you just went for red?" Wakaba replied, rolling her eyes. "You're such a boy."

"Um, on a point of order," said Corwin, and that was as far as he got before they all broke up laughing.

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