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6. "RE: CTCS Status Update"
In response to message #0
>Chapters are out for Outside Perspective Pre-Read with a couple of
>Phil's non-EPU-familiar online contacts, one of whom is at this moment
>cheerfully punking the fuck out of my punctuation, sentence
>structure, and word choices (mostly in the form of treating my
>deliberate stylistics touches as mistakes).

Oh, thank god. I'm completely useless at that as a matter of functional criticism. I'm glad somebody else isn't, because now I feel less obscurely guilty.

>Owing to an acute shortage of Suspects lately, if anybody seeing this
>would like to be considered for Inside Perspective Pre-Read, that
>possibility is at least semi-open (no more than one or two slots).

I would like to cheerfully volunteer for this, but I will also say that I entirely and completely understand if you rather my analysis come in the form of a postmortem rather than a pre-read.

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