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Dec-31-14, 08:34 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: CTCS Prelude: Hikari"
In response to message #2
   >EDIT: Although now I wonder how much Minami and Ryo know about their
>great grandmothers life, as the 'Crypto-lesiban subtext' scene is now
>either Korra getting a bit of a joke at them, or the reaction of kids
>the universe over upon being reminded of certain things their
>ancestors clearly had to have done.

Oh, they're well aware that Korra's making fun of the whole situation there; although they probably don't know that Korra is kinda-sorta their great-great-grandfather, it's a rare individual in the late 3rd century who doesn't know that the late Asami Sato was the love of Avatar Korra's life. It's not something they ever made a big deal out of? But it was never a secret either.

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