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Jan-11-15, 08:05 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: A Scene from Storytime"
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   LAST EDITED ON Jan-11-15 AT 08:07 PM (EST)
>I think Asami looks very slightly put out - is she annoyed about the
>photo shoot delaying them from getting to work, or anticipating the
>argument to come, or am I reading too much into her expression?

It's a combination of a few things, really. Partly it's her natural reaction to a) Tenzin bitching and b) Korra trolling him, but mostly, I think she's mentally tallying how many people she's probably going to have to punch by the time the thing is all over and done with, given the profound sociopolitical implications of the Veil and how (she knows from long experience by that point) certain bits of the world are likely to react. :)

Or possibly she's just reflecting ruefully on just what an awfully great lot of work it's going to be, in general. Keep in mind that this picture was taken during the run-up to the Phoenix Flight. Asami had been looking forward to taking a bit of a break once that was over with, and in the moment captured here, she's just starting to realize that what's actually on the far side of it is an even bigger project. It's enough to get the most intrepid inventor-industrialist down a little, at least for a second or so. We know from Bridging the Worlds that she recovered quick enough. :)

>And is she in a uniform, or is that just her "gentlewoman adventurer"

That's just her workin' clothes. I guess it could be viewed as a uniform of sorts, since the jacket is from the old Future Industries aviation department livery, but it's long out of date by this point. She just wears it because it's sturdy, comfortable, and consistent with her self-image.

Side note: I was actually against her being depicted with her hair tied back at first, because I am Not A Fan of the season-4 redesigns (though hers is less woeful than Korra's), but during the development process I had it put to me that a woman as practical as Asami would naturally do that when climbing around in a cave, my aesthetic preferences be damned. :)

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