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Subject: "Jack Ely, 1943-2015" Archived thread - Read only
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Apr-28-15, 09:41 PM (EDT)
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"Jack Ely, 1943-2015"
   Jack Ely, the original lead singer of the Kingsmen, has died. You may be familiar with the band's biggest hit, their 1963 recording of the Richard Barry calypso tune "Louie Louie", which was banned in Indiana for having obscene lyrics, even thought it, uh, didn't have obscene lyrics.

The FBI also investigated "Louie Louie", which shows you what that august agency was doing in the mid-sixties when it wasn't opening Martin Luther King, Jr.'s mail. I particularly appreciate the bit on page 57 wherein the agent reporting wonders "whether, even though unobjectionable lyrics were used in recording the song, there was improper motivation on the part of the singers or anyone associated with the production of the record in making the recorded lyrics so unintelligible as to give rise to reports that they were obscene." Picture the modern headline:


You can't, as they say, make this stuff up.

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