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Aug-06-14, 04:00 AM (EDT)
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"A Needed Thing"
   LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-14 AT 04:01 AM (EDT)
So. I have need of a colored illustration showing the Heart of the Rose, Utena's main sword, in planview. I didn't figure this would be that hard, since the Heart looks essentially the same as her canonical sword on the TV show, the Sword of Dios. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the creators of the show ever bothered to include such a picture of the Sword of Dios in any of the artbooks I have.

What I do have is this line art:

Which is the correct view, but unfinished.

Phil is up to his hindquarters in Other Business this week, and I hate to pile on by importuning him to color this, but I lack the Photochops to do it myself - my skills align more toward layout and fontology, I'm more of a designer than an illustrator.

So I figured I'd throw it to the floor and see if anybody out there in forumland wanted to give it a shot. What I need is that illustration, finished and colored so that it's similar in style to the picture of Kotetsu no Sasayaki, Kaitlyn's zatōichi, that's on the Symphony of the Sword section banners:

(It'd also be handy if it was left as a 24-bit PNG on a blank background; makes it easier to Do Things With later.)

The only visual difference between the Sword of Dios and the Heart of the Rose is that the Heart, as readers of Knights III will remember, has been broken into several pieces and reforged, and the lines where the breaks were are still visible as black streaks in the steel. (The runes of the Valkyrie Creed come up on it when Utena's in Rune Knight Overdrive, but they're not usually visible and you don't have to worry about them for this image.)

If anyone wants to give this a shot for me, I'd be obliged.

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