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Dec-29-05, 11:38 PM (EST)
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"Beyond Future Imperfect?!"
   LAST EDITED ON Dec-29-05 AT 11:47 PM (EST)
Yup. That's what it says.

I've mentioned this a few times, usually in conjunction with promotional materials for Cybertron Reloaded, but - Future Imperfect's wrapping up. Story-timeline-wise, Reloaded will be the last FI story. After Reloaded and Infamy, which run more or less concurrently, the Future Imperfect era - the age of the Earth Alliance, the establishment phase of the International Police and the Babylon Foundation, and the coming-to-age of the new generation of main characters - will be complete, and it'll be time to jump into the UF universe's fourth age.

What'll that be like? Well... I can't really tell you that. Not in any specific detail, anyway. That'd give away a lot of the fun.

What I can tell you:

  • It's been in the works for an awfully long time. Seriously. Some elements of what's coming have been kicking around in notes and in my head for more than ten years. I worked on plotting parts of the arc for the post-FI era with the late Derek Bacon, who died nine years ago this month.

  • It's big. Really, really big. It might actually be bigger than the Core, not in terms of text length (although that's pretty much a given too), but in terms of what happens and how it affects the universe. It's a standard sort of hype statement, I know, but I genuinely believe that some of the things we have planned are going to make your jaw drop. Remember a while ago I said "beginning sometime soon, we're going to arc-plot you until you can't stand it any more?" Well, here's where it happens.

  • It'll play off a lot of the things that have been developed in the background throughout FI, especially in the Symphony and more recent FI stuff (like the Bacon Comics tie-ins). You probably guessed this one for yourself; after all, what've I been doing all that for if it wasn't to make it pay off later?

That doesn't mean we're through with FI; as with the other eras, it's perfectly possible that new FI stories will appear later, set in the appropriate time period, to fill in some of the gaps. (The missing bits of Symphony No. 3 come to mind, though I'm not promising anything specific - I've got some ideas, and so do some of the other Suspects, but nothing really solid yet. We're just leaving our options open in case something does come together.)

In fact, aside from Reloaded, there is still one major unfollowed thread to be wrapped up before we can really dive into the new era: Symphony No. 5, which should bridge the Symphony characters right across from FI into the new era alongside everybody else.

You may notice that the post-FI era also doesn't have a name yet, but we're working on that. The titles are often the last things to come together. I've got a project in the works to follow up on Road Movie to Naboo that's nearing the 200K mark and still hasn't got a title.

Oh, speaking of Warriors of the Outer Rim - yes, that stuff takes place after Reloaded and Infamy, which means when the new era gets properly introduced, Warriors will get moved under the appropriate umbrella. Same for the Transformers follow-up material set in that same timeframe. (That may need some revising once Reloaded is in the can.)

So that's it, that's what I can tell you right now. I'm looking forward to being able to show you more - as I said, I've been working on this for a hell of a long time.

Benjamin D. Hutchins, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, & Forum Admin
Eyrie Productions, Unlimited http://www.eyrie-productions.com/

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