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Aug-03-14, 03:34 PM (EDT)
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"A Successful Test"
   LAST EDITED ON Aug-04-14 AT 00:32 AM (EDT)
While I was futzing around with files in the course of building the Goodbye and Hello "Director's Cut" I mentioned over on the Symphony board, it occurred to me that Three Views of Dìqiú, which originally debuted as the "non-Forum bonus" on Mini-Story Omnibus 6, could stand to be broken out on its own - probably as part of The Legacy of Korra Book 6, since it deals with Korra and Corwin before he met Utena. So I started fooling around with that, and then I ran across some stuff that I was sent years ago and then, I'm not entirely sure why, never did much of anything with.

Back when Weapon of Choice came out, the old conversation about why I don't like to do whole stories in HTML (besides the fact that writing with inline markup is a bit of a faff) happened again, and the "well, just use CSS" thing came up again, only that time someone - Zack Weinberg, Forum user "zwol" - actually made me a "test sheet" to try and get the thing working. I remember looking at it and, as always when I tried to do anything with CSS, not comprehending what the heck was going on, and then I got distracted by other things (like, uh, having cancer) and never came back to it.

I experimented a little bit with CSS to make the Challenging the Cold Silence webpage work the wya I wanted it to, and in the process I dug out and referred to the test sheet Zack sent me. I got it working, but it was like cargo cult coding, I still didn't really get what it was doing.

Well, just now I looked at it again, and... well.

Look what I just got working.

Look what I just got working.

That was a small-scale test. I think my next attempt will be to restore the compiled version of A Fire to be Lighted to non-plaintext form, and in the process integrate A Bride Too Far into it as Part IV, since it's the real culmination of that entire storyline. That'll take longer, but should prove a more robust proficiency builder/test, since unlike Three Views, it isn't already in HTML; I'll have to pull it off the Forum and reconvert the code, like I do when I make Mini-Omnis. Bit of a faff, but I won't be able to argue with the result if it looks like the above. That's more or less what I've been wanting the web-based experiments to look like all along...

So thanks, Zack, and I'm sorry it took me so long to get around to doing anything with your contribution. Belatedly, it turns out to be exactly what I was looking for. :)

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