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"Help needed for a friend"
   In general, I don't do stuff like this, but this is a special case, and after asking and receiving Gryphon's permission to post this (and thank you again Gryphon), I'll present it here.

A friend of mine, Scribbler or Obab Scribbler, as she usually goes by on the net, has a dog, Suki, who has become ill with a bile blockage. This led to Suki having to go through several expensive surgeries. There are a few further details on the site, but the current total stands at 10,000 British Pounds, which if the net is correct, comes out to about $16,000, and the medical visits are not done. That's not a total that my friend or her family could really cover, and they have asked for help.

So, the site for donations is here: http://www.gofundme.com/ewpq0g

If you can spare a bit, please help. And thank you.

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