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Oct-07-15, 08:49 PM (EDT)
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"In Which I Plug a Game"
   LAST EDITED ON Oct-07-15 AT 08:53 PM (EDT)
... of the non-computerized variety, currently funding on Kickstarter. It's a bit weird that this is the third Kickstarter thing to come along that I've decided to plug and they've all been in the past, like, week, but in this case, Spirit Island's designer happens to be long-time Friend of EPU and generally spiffing chap Eric Reuss, so here it is! (I've actually been meaning to do this since the email that it was on KS dropped, and it keeps slipping my mind. Sorry, Eric!)

Full disclosure: I don't actually know anything more about this game than you can read for yourself on the above link. I live far, far away from Eric's house, where I would imagine the bulk of the pre-launch playtesting has been done. However, I've played other games Eric designed, and they were awesome. (Also, I consider him much less likely to dick around with the goalposts, in that way that makes me leery of KS game projects, than, let us say, Frontier or Chris Roberts.) Worthy of your consideration!

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