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Apr-02-16, 12:39 PM (EDT)
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"Universal Lady Justice Aya"
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-02-16 AT 12:39 PM (EDT)
Just wanna say that recently, I recently publish my own book that's for a five-part series. I once mentioned I was looking for editors, but I found enough that I no longer needed to.

The series is called Universal Lady Justice Aya, a magical girl series that take the genre differently. To begin with, the main setting is a Neo-Tokyoish setting where gangs run the streets by night and the city is under decay. The main character, Aya Masa, is a young school trapped in this world and suffers abuse at school and troubles at home. At a point where she's most helpless, a crystal appears by her and transforms her into a magical girl. However, she must fight an organization that's hunting her known as the Anti-Magic Faction. Fortunately, she's not the only girl fighting against the world and finds a new life and meaning helping the girls with their own troubles.

This series takes influences mainly from Madoka Magica and Gurren Lagann. It also has influences from many other magical girl series such as Utena and Nanoha.

Here's a link to where I keep my artwork: http://uljaya.deviantart.com/

Now, you have criticize me as it's written in screenplay format, but I do believe it's worth the read.

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