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Aug-17-13, 02:28 PM (EDT)
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"So, a decade down the line ..."
   ... here I am again. I'd like to say more weathered and worldly, but in fact only more cynical and sardonic. Way back when I was young(er) and stupid(er) and only beginning to trawl through the convoluted collection of content that was the internet, I ran into an Exile-era UF story and, beset by encompassing ennui, decided to follow it back to the source.

I devoured the site's contents in the course of the following week - it was back in the days I still had something called 'summer hols' in my life and time to burn during those - and caught up more or less around the time the chief keyboard wrangler was done penning the very first Symphony piece. Good times.

Then came getting sidetracked into other forums, consequently visiting less and less if still keeping abreast of the releases, my own meager attempts into writing-my-own until I reached a point where even I realized I'd become caustic, disinterested and self-absorbed.

... well, to be fair, I'd always been that last one. I am now making an effort to become less so, possibly get what little keyboard mojo I had back, and revisiting old haunts.

Hence, this. The old account apparently got swept up in idle-account reaping of some distant yesteryear - oddly appropriate.

You could say that, initially, the Symphony brought me here. Now, as I'm cracking (metaphorically) the spines of those volumes and reacquainting myself with it and the rest of the portfolio as if it were an old friend, you could very well conclude that it brought me back.

At least for a little while.


The non-believers climbed for days to confront the master in the mountains. "Where do you get your so-called faith?" they asked.
"You brought it," the master replied. "You've all climbed so high." - The Book of Cataclysm

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