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Apr-27-16, 00:35 AM (EDT)
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"TFLF 12: A Tour of Bellehaven"
   As has been the case in the past, I built a model of Bellehaven in a Sims game (in this case, The Sims 3, though I don't remember now if that was because The Sims 4 wasn't out yet, or because I was and remain too cheap to buy all the damn expansions again). With input from the Suspects, it went through several revisions; the final version, which appears in-story, is the Mark VI. Now that we've gotten a good look at the inside in text, I figured the time was right to share some of the better pictures with the class.

First, a couple of technical details/disclaimers. The lot I built the house on is actually a Community Lot in vanilla Sims 3; it's the Stoney Falls fishing spot on the default Sunset Valley town map. As such, the scales are all a bit off—for instance, the lake is tiny in-game, because it's crammed right up against the edge of the map, and it's obviously much, much closer to town than the Bellehaven site in-story. For that matter, the house itself comes out smaller in-game than it would really be, which is also a common problem with Sims houses. As such, not everything you see in the following images is exactly representative of the "actual" (as it were) house; but I think it gives a good enough impression of what it's like to be worth sharing, as a look into the creative process if nothing else.

Note that most of the closeup shots were taken with the "walls partially down" or "walls completely down" option activated, so that the interiors can be seen more clearly. It should be pretty obvious which ones are.

You can click any of the pictures below for a full-size 1080-HD view.

We'll start the tour in the same place the girls did, with an aerial and an overview shot.

Orientation: In these shots, the camera is facing roughly east; the central peak of the Three Brothers is directly opposite the house, mostly out of shot, with the waterfall at its base. The meadow is mostly "behind" the camera, with Republic City to be seen off in the distance to the west. The main body of the house is thus its east wing, running north-south, with the single-story part the west wing, and the tower in the northwest corner.

(That shoreside rock on the far right, past the decorative cove next to the house, is a stand-in for the group of rocks Utena and Anthy sat on for a while in their first visit to the site, and Utena later remarked that she was glad Ryo hadn't removed.)

The door on the west wing (roughly in the center of the overview shot) is the main entrance, where HTT first arrive. Here's a shot of the west wing ground floor, looking north (main body of the house out of shot to the right), with a good view of the entryway in the center, the kitchen to the right, and the coatroom to the left. The kitchen's attached pantry looks a bit weird with the interior walls down, but the cabinets give a good idea of its extent. (In-story, Yamato's Ramune dispenser is in there as well.)

Passing through the east arch out of the kitchen, we find ourselves in the dining room, also known as the north end of the main wing's ground floor. Ignore those orphaned concrete columns you can see through the windows on the right; it's a bug in the build tool that they didn't go away when an earlier prototype of the floor was demolished.

The dining room has a sliding door in it that leads to a pier/boat dock. This is an unusual feature for a dining room to have, I will grant you.

At the other end of the ground floor is the living room. (Note the half-bath tucked under the stairs; I assure you that does have walls and a door. :)

Going up a floor, we get a better view of the full-glazed double-height part of the east wing and the second-floor mezzanine.

Here are a couple of different angles giving an overview of the whole east wing ground floor, dining and living rooms together (and a decent alternate look at the kitchen-pantry setup in the background).

Also, a close-up view of the mezzanine, and a reverse angle shot giving an impression of the view from the living room. (Remember that the lake is much bigger in-story.)

The rest of the second floor is a pair of bedrooms and shared bathroom.

Out the door at end of the upstairs hall is the deck on top of the west wing, and with the walls-down view we see the music practice room on the second floor of the west wing tower (which has its own door coming in from the deck).

Another view of the practice room.

The third level of the tower is a guest bedroom.

Above it, a platform originally devised with airbender-style meditation in mind, as a nod (like the blue pagoda roofs) to the original intended use of the site.

We didn't touch on this in the episode, but the ground floor of the west wing, behind the entryway and pantry, is a utility room and ¾ bath, along with the corridor containing the stairs to the basement.

There's also a door here leading out to the side yard (again, the mountain is nowhere near that close to the house in-story).

(You can see here that there's also a side door out of the kitchen, and stairs coming down from the deck.)

Now for the basement. A couple of things to note here:

- The empty room in the middle is just empty because things like central heating system, etc., don't exist in-game.
- There's no way to do the transparent underwater walls of the "aquarium room" in-game either, which is why in the following couple of pictures they're just painted blue.

And a view of the aquarium room itself, looking "back in" from out in the lake. Once again, walls-down view means the wall and door between the room and the basement utility area, and around the bathroom, are not shown.

I'd also like to share one nice shot from earlier in the "construction" process that doesn't have a 1080 version (the system I did the initial design on didn't go that big, which will give you some idea of how long ago it was). It's a view from the entryway, through the kitchen arches, and into the dining room beyond, which gives an idea of how the setup teases the lake view to someone arriving through the side door.

(Note that this was before I added the sliding door and the pier!)

So yeah! That's Bellehaven. Hopefully this helps reinforce the descriptions we've given as the site has developed in-story, and given an idea of how it took shape, both as a in-story and out-of-story creation...

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Apr-27-16, 02:16 AM (EDT)
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1. "RE: TFLF 12: A Tour of Bellehaven"
In response to message #0
   This is looking awesome, Gryphon, and TFLF 12 was a lot of fun, too! I was amused especially by the Ramune machine. XD

Oh, you poor girls, if you only knew what kind of beings call Corwin Admiral...

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Apr-27-16, 12:37 PM (EDT)
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2. "RE: TFLF 12: A Tour of Bellehaven"
In response to message #1
   I thought the pause in releases was bad, but seeing the edges of events through the HTT girls just makes me all sorts of worried about Corwin and Utena and Anthy... and Annabelle!

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Apr-27-16, 08:34 PM (EDT)
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4. "RE: TFLF 12: A Tour of Bellehaven"
In response to message #2
   And Garnet!

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Apr-27-16, 06:36 PM (EDT)
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3. "RE: TFLF 12: A Tour of Bellehaven"
In response to message #0
   I'm really impressed with this, both in the "how much planning really goes into these" aspect (that goes for all of the behind-the-scenes looks at various residences we've gotten so far), as well as on the aspect of how well you turned the image-on-screen into an image in words. I had gotten things a bit mixed-up in my initial mental image of the place from its construction; I had expected it to be one long building as opposed to the vaguely L-shaped structure (with a tower). Beyond that one mental mix-up however, the image in my head was really close to how it appears here.

It's fun to see these bits of the process, the annotations, and the expanded "featured documents" pieces; they really add an extra level of breadth to UF in particular. The UF-verse is -huge-, but that just makes it seem more -connected-.


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