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Jun-19-09, 11:21 PM (EDT)
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"Anakyn shar Atrados"
   Fulcrum of Fate IV:

Inside the door was the sitting room of the suite, a small,
comfortably furnished living room just like the one in Obi-Wan and
Alaia's temporary quarters. Standing in the middle of that room,
dressed in the white coverall of a recovering patient, was the
handsomest man Rei Ayanami had ever seen.

Not that she was swept, swooning, off her feet by the sheer
beauty of him, for Rei Ayanami was not that sort of girl. All the
same, he -was- beautiful, enough to make her pause momentarily in the
doorway and note the fact to herself. He was tall, broad-shouldered
and athletic, with thick black hair brushed back and showing a bit of
silver at the temples, and his face was aristocratic and a little
severe, with a precisely trimmed vandyke beard.


He brightened visibly as he saw Rei entering and, ignoring
Kenobi and his companion entirely, he bowed to her, quite formally.

"I am Darth Anakyn shar Atrados tal Vader, Dark Lord of the
Sith," he rumbled, his voice just as deep as before, if slightly less
amplified. "Will you do me the honor of telling me your name?"

(I found this earlier today, on another board, and just had to post it here.)

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