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Dec-15-16, 01:55 AM (EST)
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"A Melancholy Night"
   I've probably told this story on these boards sometime before, but: Twenty years ago right about now, give or take an hour or two, I was—purely by chance—the first of Derek Bacon's friends to be notified by his family that he had just died in the hospital. The next week or so is kind of a blur.

In some parallel dimension, Derek is just finishing up his second term as the Neo-Whig Party's first POTUS. Hopefully, he managed to bring about the reconciliation with the British Crown that was one of the central planks of the Neo-Whig platform. One can only speculate as to what that 2016's election was like. I doubt it can have been any weirder or stupider, but I would hope it was at least entertaining. (Not that that's a very high bar.)

We miss you, Derek. You could've made this shit seem funny somehow.

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