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Apr-05-16, 08:41 PM (EDT)
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"TIA04 Annotations"
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-16 AT 08:42 PM (EDT)
notes from Gryphon
notes from Matt

pyroclastic lamination - This particular bit of technobabble comes from Knight Rider, where it was the explanation for how KITT could resist thermal conditions that would disaable or destroy a normal car, e.g., bad guys with flamethrowers. Here it's conflated with Iron Man's "refractive coating" from the '80s comics, which enabled laser resistance and the like.

"WHO IS IRON MAN??" - As seen in both the promo poster from quite some time ago and the earlier teaser released back...uh...also quite some time ago.

Consumerism: The Downward Spiral and Why Tomorrow Won't Need Us - These are actual titles of items I had to read during a university course on the PopTech Conference a few years ago.

Anton Vanko needs no introduction - Bringing the Professor into the story had been planned well before I came on board, but I was really happy to see it. He got an awfully short end of the stick back in the original Marvel Comics, and the MCU...wasn't kind.

PLS INFORM YR SUPS - Still one of the funniest lines in the piece.

Bambina Arbogast - Mrs. A was Tony Stark's secretary in the Iron Man comics when I first started reading them in the '80s, during the period between when Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan were written out of the title and when they were written back in circa Heroes Return. I always liked how she wouldn't put up with any of various Important Visitors' nonsense—nor any of Tony's, either, come to that. Nick Fury, in particular, was always depicted as being vaguely afraid of her. :)

I'm a student at the Mega Tokyo University School of Law - Linna's occupation varied wildly in the source materials. In the original OVA series, she's a fitness instructor; then, in the follow-up Bubblegum Crash, she's suddenly and without explanation a stockbroker, despite the fact that they're supposed to be in the same continuity. The Tokyo 2040 version starts the series as a downtrodden Office Lady. I decided to go with the idea that she's working as an aerobics instructor to put herself through law school in order to facilitate certain plot threads and because I liked the image. Lawyers in Bubblegum Crisis are usually a bad thing. It'd be nice to have at least one in the setting who's actually human.

the Yinsen Center - A research institute affiliated with the National Taiwan University, named in honor of the late Ho Yinsen, an alumnus of the university and prominent biophysicist.

She'd never seen an American robot in person before. - Linna obviously didn't drop by the Tower during construction. She'd have found the NS-5s quite interesting to watch in action!

A man in my position hears many stories - More than a few of which Vanko was likely informed of specifically to keep him aware of the price of disobedience.

This entire scene was a very fun exercise to write - we don't really do a ton of straight up espionage work, and setting that tone of paranoia was interesting!

Stark Industries would be proud to sponsor you - Since Stark Industries, now as a subsidiary of Stark International, is based in the US, it makes the most sense for them to back the Asylum request through the US embassy, with Stark International acting as an intermediary to the Japanese government.

The transmission algorithm may require some optimization. - Admittedly, there's no plans to operate Iron Man like this on a regular basis, but you never know when it might come in handy!

Fleischmann and Pons, 1989 - Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons became infamous in the field of physics (and household names in the least advantageous way) when they announced in 1989 that they had discovered a form of nuclear fusion that happened at room temperature. They hadn't. No one ever has, probably because it isn't possible.

Dr. Valuk - John Valuk is dead. He fell on his head.

Mandroids - Standard-issue mook power suits in the Marvel Universe. Almost always completely outclassed. Compare mass-production Gundams.

"О боже. это она." - "Oh God. It's her."

It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Stingray - Ben and Zoner are both doing a pretty good job of NOT visibly panicking here as Butch meets Sundance.

I think we need to have a little discussion about this later. - Just a reminder that Pepper is NOT stupid, but she's also willing to give Ben a chance to come clean.

while the Mark III can fly, all available test data indicates that Mr. Stark, as yet, cannot - My initial notes on reading through the draft for TIA 04 include:

"Is there really a problem with the guidance software, or is Ben just a bit crap at flying?"

Starro the Conqueror - A Northern Pacific sea star, Starro hitched a ride home with Stark last episode, and is now something of a mascot for the Armory.

upon which the powered suit suddenly activated - In BGC 2040, Nene's hardsuit is supposed to be able to hack computers, and even Boomers, remotely. That's not actually what's happening here...but it looks great for TV, doesn't it?

"I organized the whole thing." - This is just beautifully brazen. Sometimes it really is best to just walk in like you own the place. Which is even more effective when you do, actually, own the place!

Or at least the occasion. He doesn't actually own the hotel. Yet.

GSh-18 - Russian semiautomatic pistol that has replaced/is replacing the Makarov in many capacities in real-life modern Russia. Capable of firing enhanced armor-piercing ammunition as well as normal 9x19mm NATO and 9mm Parabellum commercial rounds.

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