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Subject: "2009-10-15: The Piddle Cosmic!"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Oct-15-09, 11:46 AM (EDT)
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"2009-10-15: The Piddle Cosmic!"
   <wedge> http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/herocomplex/2009/10/jack-kirby-and-frank-zappa-a-cosmic-friendship-.html
<Slarti> hee. Cool.
<wedge> the original article on Royal Flush has a little more detail
<wedge> like the fact that one of the first times he came over, he gave Frank's kids Mr. Men books
<Slarti> haha
<wedge> god, may have to photoshop Mr. Tickle with Kirby dots later
<PCHammer> for Mr. Tickle wields the Power Cosmic!
<wedge> fuckin' a, bubba
<PCHammer> ever seen Galactus laugh until he peed himself?
<PCHammer> wow, that's the fastest I-regret-having-typed-that I've managed to date. :)

Chad Collier
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