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Subject: "2011.09.14: Hail HYDRA!"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Sep-14-11, 01:14 AM (EDT)
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"2011.09.14: Hail HYDRA!"
   <Z-Gryphon> one of my classmates did his essay on the MRI
<Z-Gryphon> under the heading of potential drawbacks he mentions the possibility of an allergic reaction to the contrast dye and "problems with sedition"
<Z-Gryphon> I think he meant "sedation", unless it's his position that MRI causes some patients to agitate for the overthrow of the government
<Z-Gryphon> which, to be honest, I would not consider entirely out of the question after an hour in the tube
<Ardaniel> ...is that what my problem is?
<Ardaniel> shit.
<Z-Gryphon> it's like that one drug that mentioned "a strong urge to gamble" in its ads
<Z-Gryphon> "MRI is not for everyone. If you experience a sudden, powerful yearning for bloody revolution, talk to your doctor."
<Ardaniel> ROTFL
<wedge> LOL
<Ardaniel> maybe that's what Lupron's made of
<Ardaniel> powdered Bastille
<Ardaniel> in suspension
<Z-Gryphon> vive le Quebec libre!
<wedge> the needle was big enough
<Ardaniel> so glad I only have to sense the damn thing entering my buttock, I *guess*
<wedge> yeah
<wedge> for Gryph's sake, it seriously looked almost as big as the electrode they put in Shepard's hand in The Right Stuff
<wedge> not with the same effect, luckily.
<wedge> given where they put it
<wedge> it is, indeed, complicated.
<wedge> actually, no, that's not true, it's one of the fastest office visits we have between us
<Ardaniel> bend over, grab the stirrup chair, wince a lot
<Ardaniel> (this week: Batman underpants! I received no comments, sadly)
<wedge> she was at least more cheerful than the last one last time.
<wedge> but then the Enrichment Center also wasn't COMPLETELY ABANDONED this time, too.
<wedge> god that was creepy.
<Z-Gryphon> "Have fun flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I'm off to the wing that was made entirely of glass to pick up 15 acres of broken glass. By myself."
<Ardaniel> they let you hang out with me this time
<wedge> yeah
<Ardaniel> I dunno if prior nurse thought we were going to overpower her and make off with the *one dose* of Lupron
<Ardaniel> or what
<wedge> black market menopause
<Z-Gryphon> "Hail HYDRA!"
<wedge> snoort
<Ardaniel> ROTFL
<Ardaniel> wedge is gone
<Ardaniel> :D
* wedge coughs a little, hrrks, lets himself outside
<Z-Gryphon> live to serve

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Member since Jul-11-11
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Sep-14-11, 12:18 PM (EDT)
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1. "RE: 2011.09.14: Hail HYDRA!"
In response to message #0
   LAST EDITED ON Sep-14-11 AT 12:19 PM (EDT)
Well, you know... there was this study that was being done regarding affecting a person's general mood and mental state using magnets. And if there's one thing that an MRI has, aside from cramped spaces, it's magnets.

EDIT: Although, in all honesty, using magnetism to inspire sedition and revolutionary feelings in people sounds like a plot for Magneto.

Ebony the Black Dragon

"Life is like an anole. Sometimes it's green. Sometimes it's brown. But it's always a small Caribbean lizard."

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