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Jan-05-16, 08:50 PM (EST)
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"2016.01.05: personal healthcare"
   LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-16 AT 08:50 PM (EST)
So the other day, this item came up in the studio. Which is funny enough in itself, but then rattled around in my head until this happened.

<Z-Gryphon> "OK, if Master Obi-Wan asks, we were at the temple all day." "WE jumped out a WINDOW." "SHHHH not so loud!" "We jumped out a window."
<BZArcher> Heheheh
<BZArcher> I can totally see that. :)
<Z-Gryphon> Tony Daniels as Drunk 3PO would be worth the price of admission to that movie all by himself, but Anakin trying to cope with Baymax himself would probably actually be funnier. :)
<BZArcher> I think so. :) (I will scan you now. You are suffering from....third degree burns! I will apply a topical salve.)

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