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"(S52) Five Bagatelles in Various Keys"
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-02-10 AT 01:58 PM (EDT)
52 Or, as we call them here in Maine, "chase lounge".

223 Anne Cross as 009, starring in Hotel Jezebel, coming soon from Kanzaki Films! PJM

283 Utena was never shown practicing archery in the Revolutionary Girl Utena television show, that I can recall, but it follows from all her other athletic pursuits. The manga version is shown to be a keen archer, but then again, the manga version is also blonde and wears a pink jacket, so your mileage may vary. In UF, Anthy is actually the better shot.

592 Connections can be found in the strangest of places, and the oddest of circumstances. PJM

607 Gloria is named after a car I used to have. She was defunct by the time we wrote this piece, but as I had loved her dearly, Gryphon suggested we immortalize her in some sort of body better than the rusting-out corpse of a 1988 Subaru station wagon. ALC

713 The city outside which Ohtori Academy lies is never given a name in Revolutionary Girl Utena. In UF, it's named after Chiho Saitou, the principal artist on the original RGU manga series.

859 Aeryn Stonefist is the natural choice for a Valkyrie stealth mission not only because she's an expert martial artist who needs no weapons or equipment, but also because, as one of the little folk of western Vanaheim, she has a racial advantage when it comes to going unseen.

890 I wouldn't be so sure of this.

938 Originally planned as an actual scene rather than just a mention in a letter, this sequence was going to riff on the "Morpheus is fighting Neo!" scene from The Matrix, complete with someone - probably Azalynn - going straight over the table instead of cutting around it to reach the door.

962 This joking name for a high-tech machine of uncertain purpose comes from, of all things, an old Iron Man annual in which Jim Rhodes, in his temporary guise as Iron Man, finds himself confronted with a Huge Alien Machine (of the type often found in the works of Jack Kirby). He remarks to himself something like, "Great. Tony Stark would probably look at this and say, 'Oh, a two-headed frammistat,' but what am I supposed to do with it?" That line, in turn, probably owes a debt to the style of old Mad magazines, in which the nonsense word "veeblefetzer" turns up from time to time, describing some unspecified technological gewgaw. (I used to have a poster tied into the release of the 1989 Batman movie that showed a blueprint of that version of the Batmobile; one of the items pointed out on the blueprint was labeled, "veeblefetzer valve".)

1038 Lieutenant General Adolf Galland (1912-1996), one of Germany's most highly-decorated fighter pilots of World War II. He finished the war with 103 air-combat kills (including seven at the controls of the Messerschmitt Me-262, history's first operational jet fighter). He spent most of the war in one or another Me-109 prop fighter, like the G-model immortalized with him in Valhalla.

1053 Major James Bigglesworth, RFC, a fighter ace for Britain during the First World War. In the real world he was a fictional character created by Captain W.E. Johns. In UF this appears not to have been the case.

1054 The British-built Sopwith Camel was one of the iconic Allied fighter aircraft of World War I. With poor weight balance and a heavy rotary engine that produced a heavy gyroscopic effect, it was neither easy nor particularly pleasant to fly and killed almost as many British pilots as enemy ones, but it was highly maneuverable, and in the hands of an expert it was one of the war's most lethal aerial weapons.

1068 I have since learned that the Camel's engine turned the other way, making it much more willing to roll to the right. (So willing, in fact, that inexperienced pilots had a hard time keeping it from going into a spin if they tried to turn right.) Either way, this is a nicely unobtrusive demonstration of Corwin's airmanship skills.

1128 Juri's last conversation with Shiori before the former vanished to Midgard, as seen in Roses in Springtime. PJM

1129 In the RGU episode "Azure Paler Than the Sky", when Ruka Tsuchiya maneuvered Juri into challenging him to a duel, kissed her against her will, stole her locket, threatened to destroy it, and otherwise behaved boorishly. She finished that day by taking a trip to see the End of the World, which was the perfect capper to what was already an award-winningly crappy day.

Strangely, it could be argued that he did all that out of love, as part of a rather desperate attempt to help her. If so, he had a funny way of showing affection; but then, the world didn't quite work normally at the time.

1133 "So... you wanna?"

1192 I still enjoy this scene; I think it captures the sense of wonder that the more surreal happenings in Revolutionary Girl Utena often conveyed, but without the feeling of overarching menace that was almost always present.

1257 "Oh hells yes." PJM

1280 The fencing building was given its formal name (it never had one before) following the renaming of the Academy, in honor of the late, aforementioned Ruka Tsuchiya, former president of the Fencing Club and Duelist of the Order of the Rose.

1284 Eiko's making fun of herself here, quoting the line that began most of her shadow plays back in the day.

1428 777, the same as the number of steps that lead from the waking world through the Cavern of Fire to the Gate of Deeper Slumbers in the dream-quest stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

1440 Utena's relocation into East Hall after she became a Duelist was, among other things, the reason why Wakaba had a single room later in the series, enabling Saionji to hide out with her after he was expelled from the Academy.

1480 Hidama was restored during the Revolution of the World in Endgame.

1540 Robert Mason's Chickenhawk, the iconic memoir of a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War.

1609 This was a hard scene to write, but a satisfying one. Kozue's quiet - and rather Corwinesque - heroism here stands in stark contrast to the viciously obsessive-possessive Kozue we first met early in the original TV series, and reminds us that not all heroes face their defining challenges at the point of a sword.

1630 There's the Dantrovese root word than again (pronounced with a hard th, like "thunder").

1679 A Tetris-like game popular in the Klingon Empire. Its name comes from a Sakura Wars puzzle game called Hanagumi Taisen Columns.

1732 Yeah, Xander Cage from xXx. A bunch of us in the studio are Vin Diesel fans.

1784 This was intended as the hook for a spinoff series that would've tied in with X20. Like X20 itself, it never quite got off the ground, though we hope to salvage bits and pieces and present them on a different vector sometime.

1865 Kozue's tendency to go off half-cocked has always irritated Juri, above and beyond the fact that Kozue spent several years making Juri's best friend's life miserable, for which Juri may or may not have entirely forgiven her.

1875 Perhaps, but at least Juri's capable of admitting that in this case, there's some merit in the "half-cocked" proposal, and that Kozue is now genuinely concerned for her brother's welfare and honestly desiring not to screw things up for him. PJM

1884 Kate's talking about Kozue's need to sort out her shit, piece her spirit back together, and try to figure out what the hell to do with herself, not saying that she also has a long-standing Unresolved Love Or Something issue with one of her brothers.

Thankfully. PJM

1944 Sometimes, getting some honest rest is the best medicine. PJM

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