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Jul-30-14, 06:30 PM (EDT)
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"A Bit of Book 6 Ch 2"
   Same deal as the bit of S5DS05 up in the Symphony board: the story this is from isn't close enough to finished for this to constitute a proper teaser, so think of it instead as a kind of progress marker.

Benjamin D. Hutchins, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, & Forum Mod
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zgryphon at that email service Google has
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From: "Benjamin D. Hutchins" <gryphon!ipo.zc>
Subject: All well
To: <korra!freenet.com.zc>
Date: Wed Jun 26 2391 00:53:39 -0000 (GST)

Dear Korra,

Just a quick note to let you know that everything went according to plan
at Boyce Memorial last night. Kate and Corwin's brother Leonard (named
after my grandfather, who was just possibly the coolest guy I ever knew)
provided so little fuss, Kei declared the entire proceeding hopelessly

Frankly, where such matters are concerned, I am a -big fan- of
hopelessly dull.

Everybody's asleep now but me, and I plan to be as soon as I'm finished
sending out the last of the notifications. Please enjoy the
accompanying holos if you are so inclined. (I caught hell from six
different directions for omitting them when Kate was born. I learn
slowly, but I do learn.)

Also, as I predicted, Skuld would like to see you again under slightly
less hectic circumstances. Can you come by the house on Thursday? We
should all be sorted out and back in residence by noon or so, you're
welcome to swing in anytime after that. (Or before that, really, except
we won't be home. Cold cuts and stuff in the fridge, and mind the
screen door is really shut, that thing that's supposed to close it
automatically doesn't always work.)

Anyway. IPO or not, I'm taking the rest of the week off. If the galaxy
manages to end before Monday there's nothing I could've done about it

Bula vinaka beachside,
Benjamin D. Hutchins - gryphon!ipo.zc
Chief, International Police Organization
299 Allard Avenue, New Avalon, Zeta Cygni
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