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Subject: "teaser/frag: OWaW 21a: Interstitial"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Dec-16-20, 04:04 AM (EST)
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"teaser/frag: OWaW 21a: Interstitial"
   "It'll just be some quick character scenes," I said. "I can do it as a Mini like Late for Work," I said.

47 KB later...

Anyway, here's a piece. The rest should be along tomorrow. Later today. Wednesday.

"It's funny," said Reimu. "My earliest clear memory isn't of the Emperor, or Aki, or anything like that. It's the little blonde girl, the half-gaijin, barging onto the grounds of the shrine one morning and demanding to know what I was doing, hanging around a creepy old shrine in the woods all by myself. And, you know, in hindsight it's a fair question," she added wryly. "I brushed her off, that first day. I was too important to concern myself with the likes of her. 'This isn't a shrine for tourists,' I said. 'You want Ise for that. Now go away, you're bothering me.'"

"And did she?" Gryphon wondered.

"Sure. For about 24 hours," Reimu replied with a laugh. "Next morning she was back with—I kid you not—a fish."

"A fish?"

"A fish. A skipjack tuna, to be precise."


"Because she thought I looked underfed. Which, to be fair, I probably was."

"Did either of you know what to do with a whole skipjack tuna?" Gryphon wondered.

"No, but Marisa wasn't about to let a little thing like that stop her. She nearly burned down the shrine trying to roast it, having come close to cutting off her own hand butchering it first. The whole thing devolved into an absolute mess." Reimu leaned her head back against the pillow, eyes closed, and smiled at the ceiling. "It was delicious."

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Dec-16-20, 08:43 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: teaser/frag: OWaW 21a: Interstitial"
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   LAST EDITED ON Dec-16-20 AT 09:07 AM (EST)
Food tastes better with friends. This is a fact.

Also, my mental image for "whole tuna" was at first a live 350 lb Atlantic bluefin, and I could easily imagine Marisa with her total lack of moderation dragging something similar from the ocean to the shrine on her broom without even bothering to kill it first.

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