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Oct-19-22, 08:59 PM (EDT)
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"Unusable but Fun Mental Image"
   LAST EDITED ON Oct-27-22 AT 08:21 AM (EDT)
This scene mash-up just played in my head. I don't know why, I wasn't thinking about Powerpuff Girls OR Touhou, but suddenly, there the whole thing was. It doesn't work with the UF versions of the characters because the background isn't there, but I could easily see something like this happening in a given version of Gensokyo, sometime after Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

INTERIOR, DAY; a parlor somewhere in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The picture window has a nice view of the lake and is not oriented in such a way that direct sunlight comes in through it. The second movement of Beethoven's Sonata No. 23 is playing on a Victrola. Nearby, REMILIA SCARLET is reclining on a divan, asleep, an open copy of the day's Bunbunmari Shinbun draped over her face. The headline is STRANGE DOINGS IN THE FOREST OF MAGIC! over a photo of MARISA KIRISAME looking startled and holding an extremely dubious-looking mushroom, which she had apparently just picked when the flash went off.

For a few seconds nothing happens; then, suddenly, MARISA, REIMU HAKUREI, and ALICE MARGATROID crash through the window en masse, looking grim and ready for action.

(jolting awake)

Before she can go on, MARISA (still riding her broom) charges, shoulder-checking REMILIA and knocking the divan over backward with her in it.

(still disoriented, but indignant)
What is the meaning of—

REIMU does something with yin-yang orbs that ends with the divan upside-down against the far wall with REMILIA sprawled face-down under it, looking up in bafflement at the three interlopers. REIMU has her fists on her hips, looking testy, while MARISA and ALICE square off on either side of her. MARISA and ALICE'S DOLLS all have weapons at the ready.

Don't play dumb. We know you've got some evil plot underway.

What are you talking about?

MARISA scoffs.

Oh, like you don't have your red mist ready to smother Gensokyo again.


No diabolical plan to destroy the Great Barrier?

Why would I even do that?

(squeaky with excitement)
Turn everyone into zombies and scare people!

(now thoroughly exasperated)
Oh, for crying out loud! No! I have no intention of committing any devilish acts! Today.

Then what were you doing before we got here?


Before that!

REMILIA gestures to the scattered newspaper on the floor in front of her.

Reading the paper!

MARISA glances at the front page, blinks, and blushes, her fists clenching.

that freaking tengu, I swear to god...

REIMU looks blankly down at REMILIA, the wind quite taken out of her sails.


There is an awkward silence.

Well... you better behave yourself, or we'll be back!

REMILIA extricates herself from under the divan, then grumblingly sets about picking up the sheets of the newspaper while the three intruders straggle embarrassedly back toward the window to make their exit.

(with acid sarcasm as they depart)
Oh goodness. I'd better not snore.

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