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Sep-10-20, 11:55 PM (EDT)
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"teaser/frag: TTW Act VIII"
   It seems even now that she's recovered, Flandre can't resist trolling her sister sometimes.

At lunch that night, Flandre sighed and said,

"It's all so unfair."

The rest of the diners halted in their activities, turning to regard her curiously.

"What's unfair, Flan-Flan?" asked Meiling.

Flandre gestured vaguely to the lovely, balmy night in progress outside the great windows and said dramatically, "It's spring, love is in the air, and all I have to keep me warm in the daytime is my extra pillow."

Remilia nearly choked on her wine. "Flandre!" she burst out when she'd stopped sputtering. "Where did you hear that kind of talk?"

Flandre gave her sister a sly smile, which Gryphon realized with an inward grin looked uncannily like Remilia's own sly smile. "You know that huuuuuge library we have?" she asked in return.

Remilia looked puzzled. "Yes..."

"I've read all the books."

The color drained from Remilia's face. "All... of them?"

Flandre nodded firmly. "All. Some of them two or three times!" she added brightly.

Remilia put her face in her hands. "Oh, my poor, sweet, innocent little sister," she moaned. "What has become of you?"

Placing a fingertip to the corner of her mouth, Flandre went on in an exaggeratedly childish tone, "There were a bunch of things I didn't understand, though, big sis. I need to ask you about them."

Remilia's color returned in the form of a flaming blush. Holding up both hands as if warding off an oncoming truck, she blurted, "No no no! Absolutely not! You're not old enough—I'm not ready!"

Flandre grinned. "Gotcha."

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Sep-11-20, 02:02 AM (EDT)
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1. "RE: teaser/frag: TTW Act VIII"
In response to message #0

even while I was reading the Omnibus version.... yes, Flandre clearly has been trolling her sister even when Flandre's elevator... umm... wasn't reaching all its floors???

Of COURSE you wernt expecting it!
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