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Jun-29-17, 01:27 AM (EDT)
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"I See What You Did There"
   I was driving along a road I don't frequent the other day, going downstate to pick up the kit for the estate's new pool, when I noticed a sign for an in-home business along the side of the road. There are a lot of those in the semi-rural parts of Maine—the built-up, but not fully urbanized, areas in the vicinity of what pass for urban centers around here. Florists, carpenters, auto mechanics, gun dealers, and the like who live along the main roads, where there's enough passing traffic to make it worthwhile, often put up a shingle out by the road and operate out of their garages or side porches.

This particular sign amused me very much because of the creative use of its typography, carefully designed to arrest the passer-by's attention without technically promising something that is not actually available. It said:

shop and CNC
repaired and customized

Well played, home machine shop operator. Well played.

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