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Subject: "FYI: eyrie.net may stop working briefly"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Oct-25-10, 10:50 PM (EDT)
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"FYI: eyrie.net may stop working briefly"
   The domain record expires tomorrow; I've filed the administrative things for a renewal, but owing to the unique way in which the BBC is funded* it may take a few days for payment to reach the registrar. The domain's in no danger of being squatted (there's a grace period before an expired domain is available again), but DNS may stop routing for a few days.

This domain name is deprecated anyway - EPU isn't an Internet service provider - but I acknowledge that it is a lot simpler to type than the .com and there are still quite a few people using it. Just so you know I haven't let it lapse on purpose. (Or even really by accident, as it happens.)

*and by this I actually mean "PayPal's incompetence"
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